Power point will be provided
Look at cartoonist Dave Cagle's site for a wide range of political cartoons. Make sure kids know what is appropriate and what is not.
Herblock's cartoons
Library of Congress site
Dr. Seuss cartoons
Used Patriot Act cartoons; can not find many that are not negative.
Mother Jones website

Why use Political Cartoons
  1. Presents History in a high interest format
  2. Encourages classroom discussion
  3. Motivates visual learners
  4. Promotes critical thinking

  • Do the first few cartoons together in class
  • Let students choose a cartoon and analyze it at home; then in small groups the next day brainstorm their knowledge and understanding.
  • Let the kids discuss the perceived meaning of the cartoon
  • Show a short video clip on the issue; then see if the kids change their perception.
  • Students must make their own opinions on these; the teacher can not bias the student's beliefs.

"Boxes" activity
  • kids must use key words to help them determine whether the information in the boxes are pro or con
  • kids must arrange the boxes into the appropriate categories, under "pro" and "con"
  • for instance, word "could" is key in the con category

Categorizing Activity--with Venn diagram

Let kids make their own political cartoons

Patriot Act--connections from earlier historical periods:
  • Sedition Act
  • 4th Amendment
  • Lincoln suspending habeas corpus
  • WWII internment
  • Red Scare
  • Geography connections
    • globalization
    • immigration
    • US role in international conflict
    • definition of democracy
    • outside perceptions of US government