TregoED--thinking tools

What is SCAN? A framework for kids to use in four steps:

  • Stop and think things through--what is the issue
  • Clarify the key issues
  • Ask yourself whats most important
  • Now, what is your next step?

Framework for info gathering and analysis
Repeatable and applicable approach
Steps which serve as a road map

Sample Scenario--Manifest Destiny--Territorial Expansion or Conquest. This becomes a role play activity.
  • relevant
  • distinct perspectives
  • content

Point of View
  1. Native American's
    1. Culture under attack
    2. Loss of land
  2. Prospective settlers
    1. Opportunity
    2. Get out of cities
  3. Democratic Congressman
  4. Whig Congressman

Students will now:
  • access URL (watch demo video)
    • Students sign in, and create unique user name (and avitar); they can tie it to the role if they like.
    • Teacher has a link to the identity--you receive the initials to their names.
  • read scenario and select point-of-view
    • Students receive background; then select their role.
    • Receive issues based on the role they have selected.
    • Teacher can assign roles for the kids ahead of time.
    • Additional links provided.
    • Add notes.
  • answer prompts and participate in online discussion
    • Now go to SCAN prompts--
      • Stop and think things through--issues are put in by all students; have access to the other points of view. Everything is shared.
      • Kids can now discuss this issues online. Build arguments, discuss needs--online chat tool.
      • Clarify the key issues; then see everyone's responses to the prompt. But no discussion now, just read the other perspectives
      • Ask yourself what is most important--vote on the most important issues.
      • Now what is next step. Put yourself in the role--what solutions can you come up with to this problem? This will be in the form of ACTIONS
  • Answer assessment questions
    • Sum up what you have learned.
    • What would you do from here?
    • Compare the student's solutions to what really happened.
    • Students celebrate the end of the project.

Beauty of this exercise--students have really studied the issues closely. True collaborative exercise--using other student's perspectives in their arguments.

Can add technology: examples--
  1. Photostory
  2. Glogster
  3. persuasive map
  4. Bill of Rights Institute--has current events everyday code will be sent to us
  • go to my dashboard--how to videos. Tools to help get started.
  • set up a SCAN lesson--type in your topic. Can add to what is there if you like.

Helps kids
  1. See and understand issues from other people's perspectives.
  2. Explore bias, points of view and context.
  3. Freely participate and express themselves.
  4. Learn to collaborate , discuss , negotiate.
  5. Learn a problem solving approach for life.

Teacher subscription is $45.00/year--unlimited lessons, students; 100 + scenarios are available.....