Use of Essential Questions in the Teaching of History (Ken)
--Great for thematic approach.
--Google Essential Questions forum

Essential questions--I will copy my handout for all.
Examples of EQ's
  • What should win--human rights or the common good?
  • What justifies conquest?
  • How does religion affect world's views?
  • What is good government?
  • All men are created equal? (mine :)
  • What is the impact of a belief in equality?
  • How much government control is good for society?
  • When is conflict beneficial or destructive?
  • Should conflict exist?

How to use EQ's effectively:
  1. Carefully select 3-7 EQ's to use throughout the year.
  2. Make sure that you use the same EQ's for the whole year.
  3. Make sure your questions are as pertinent to modern issues as to the past.
  4. Investigate through primary and secondary sources.
  5. Encourage students to recognize multiple perspectives.
  6. Post EQ's in your room and talk about them daily.

Current events--students must relate them to an essential question--And explain how!!

Essential Questions: Broad based; maybe 3 or 4 in a unit.
Historical Questions: HQs focus on a specific benchmark within the topic. These address a specific topic within the EQ.

Characteristics of HQs--words must match the EQ; students will then see the connections.
Relevant to specific time period
Addresses a specific topic

EQ: What types of relationships should exist between gov. institutions and individuals?
HQ. Did the Articles of Confederation establish an appropriate relationship between the gov and the states and the gov. and the people?

EQ: Can war be justified?
HQ: How did the Confederacy justify secession and the Civil War?

Prove it" exercise on the hand-out--Research helps students back up what they are learning by using primary sources; they must find the info to back up their reasons.

I am getting the power point presentation they showed--will send to everyone.