Great Tech Resources

  1. Wordle
  2. Twiducate--twitter for teachers. Can add students. Students can communicate with each other. More protected for students
    1. ex.
  3. make films from pictures. This is great. Showed example of a short film on Martin Luther King. There are resources as well--archived sets made for education.
  4. kids get ready for tests; gives tables in which questions and answers can be entered.
  5. Google Docs--Great for group projects; share and collaborate, can share real time; shows who edits and at what time.
  6. Google Phone--can get a phone number; dedicated to parents or students to contact you. Translates the phone call to text, so you have physical evidence of the conversation. Also good for interviews?
  7. Google Voice--voice mails are translated to text.
  8. Free technology for teachers
  9. Text Blaster--enter kids cell phones into your computer and you can send one text and all the students receive them; great for sending information to all. Great also when we are on trips and have to contact all the students.
  10. Google Presentations--like power point, but more than one kid can work on it at one time.
  11. Google Spreadsheets
  12. Google Drawing--students can work together to organize information in other ways; charts; drawings. Take a template and put it on for students to click and fill (maps).
  13. point presentation. Not linear. Zooms in and out for a great presentation.
      • John, this is cool for creating diagrams like you have been doing in my Tan class. Check it out!!
  14. Teach-nology,com--time line ,maker. Vertical and horizontal timelines.
  15. --Poetry maker; Educational technology training
  16. Firefox download helper--Download; when you go to a site, you can download any video on the site.
  17. Wikispaces--great project: creating a textbook.
  18. Voicethread--must purchase for the students; upload an image and then comment on the images. Great for art critique (Katie?).
  19. software; gradebook, attendance. We have a FAWEB.
  20. Can create an account for the students; Free site. Like an online scrapbook. Can create a unique project. Really cool.
  21. documents on line.