Presenters James O'Brien & Marc Aronson
American revolution . The Real revolution for 8th graders
Was there a triangle trade?
Middle passage 2 weeks - Bahia reference, African part of Brazil, see Sugar Changed the World - world center of sugar Haiti. Sugar Act
The Diligent - 1731 - slave ships from India filled with cloth - a global trade
How did Europeans pay for cloth?
website of how the Indian Ocean trade work
Real trade group is a sphere Arabian Sea Trade -
refer to the The Atlantic Slave Trade - Herbert Klein
Leaves out Asia & Arabian Sea Trade and South america - blurs voyages with vague accurate summary of goods exchanged
Jason O'Brien Role Playing the Triangle -
Jason O'Brien Role Playing the Trianlge Trade in the social studies classroom from University of Alabama
Role plays - active learning
construct in nature
explore iffernt viewpoints
components - suspend reality
background, perspective, situation management to achieve higher order thinking
cognitive & affective engagement (thinking & feeling)
Breathing life into the explorer
Slavery to goods - Glencoe World History - enslaved africans
Background, assign roles, heterogenious, student participation, debrief (reality suspension)
Role 1 clearly outlined - must provide good background - each group has their own role, no ones each otheres role
Relevant to Revolutionary War...
Enlsaved africans given a number
"The Slave Ship" narrative - associating race with slavery - black white is a result
Ghandi - reference connection.
"Bury the Chains' suggested reading