Lesson plans that integrate childrens literature that teach geography
Rationale:Google earth lesson plans that are manageable that integrate childrens literature.
Think strategically and intentionally how to bring in the classroom
  • Geography standards
  • technology standards; Relevant childrens literature
  • Pedagogical knowledge and skills
  • Student selected texts. The Little House. Observing the debate on land use and think about land use issues. What happens when urbanization takes over.
  • Hypothesis in small groups rural vs no rural. Using a graphic organizer, gathered fro a few sources. Book & Google earth, then value judgments
  • lesson plan includes coordinates before lesson. Open Google earth to open location at a different times. Allows to go back in time. Viewing allows to compare and contrast. Hypothesis for the reasons for this change.
  • Turn on layers, geographic features that identify
  • How use of land changes over time
  • faculty.csbsju.edu/making connections
  • step by step teaching features
  • Make their one map..make their place, using a legend
  • what can you see or not see. go back to layers.
  • geography impacts understanding
  • switch perspectives. measure the distance